Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Run This Town" Jay-Z ft. Kanye west & Rihanna

I FREAKING LOVE THIS VIDEO! The fashion is one point. They are actually wearing things i might consider wearing *hints: the band members vest that Rihanna have on, plus the leather knuckle ring with the metal rings on top!" I also love the leather jacket that Jay has on." Also peep how he drops one of my favorite lables he says "ain't Nobody fresher, I'm In Maison Martin Margiela". WOW! i love a dude that knows how to dress. The back drop on that is on my wall is the Maison Martin Margiela men's collection, so now i know that jay knows what's up. *sorry for the slang i am just kinda hyped now!*

Oh, i almost forgot! that song is on fire as well! lol

I want you to see me...

Have you ever had one of those day's where you wanted to walk around naked? I have so what did i do you asks?

Well, I didn't want to go to jail for preforming the lewd act of walking around with a boney body! SOOO I just put together my new favorite outfit which consist of My Wayne wool see through legging with the leather strip down the side and...

My Helmut Lang burnt out T-shirt. I threw some of my favorite necklaces and my alexander McQueen scarf on top to help carrie the look.

Now you can see the real me!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To be one with self

Again, i am obsessed with everything thats alexander wang. *i know just like everyone else* !

So when he came out with this waffle Onesie for adults i was all over it! Although my best friend said that it was a infant body suit.

I didn't care, its comfy and i think its really cool. i can just throw it one and be out the door without any fuss.

i always wear it with my new baltimore hat, *it gives me a black johnnie depp look*

Ok with a little bit of pimp flava. lol

One problem tho, how do i use the bath room?

Ann Demeulemeester *the great*

It should be a no brainer that just like everyone else i love Ann Demeulemeester. So when i found the suede leggings *in pic above*...

I became so over come with joy that i almost had a heart attack.

The Ann demeuleeester legging are suede and jersey, they fit me like a dream and go with everything thats in my closet.

I paired the leggings with a blazer and a t-shirt for urban outfitters.

The blazer is from H&M and i stuck my heart dee and rickey lego pin to it, which add a little umph.

As far as the feet goes, i wrapped chains around my vintage black boots to add a rockstar effect.

In the famous words of Miranda Priestly "that's all"

Into the wild!

So for this outfit i was feeling kind of natural, so what else to do but dress of one of my favorite organic t-shits!

I wanted to layer the tee so i mixed my h&m vest (the one underneath) with my my alexander wang boyfriend vest (the vest on top).

I wore my Rag and bone Gray leather leggings to break up some of the black that i have been living in lately.

One of my favorite shits is this loomstate organic cotton zebra print tee. when i put it on i always feel as if i am doing my part to help the environment.

I used my D.Y.I nail shoes to finish this look.

Act natural, for me the means act crazy.