Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson... Long Live the King

I will never forget...

The way you dance and sang. 

Your love for all living things.

But most of all the trends you set that people are still trying to catch up too. 

Long live the King of Pop, may he rest in peace...NOW! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Do you guys know the MTV show "The City"? well Aille was always my favorite. Wether the show is Fake or Not, one thing is true "she is a real model". While i was searching the internet, i came across one of her shoots she did for some clothing line. She looks FUCKING AMAZING! 

Beauty is her Name..

Just me and my boyfriend

So as you all know, there is a huge boyfriend epidemic that is going on. Everyone is still crazy about the boyfriend jeans, cardigan's and shirts * including me* 

What i love about the boyfriend look is, it's easy but yet stylish at the same time. 

For my BF look i use one of my favorite scarfs ...

My smily face Philip Lim 3.1 T-shirt paired with my vintage tan blazer, i took from my dads closet when visiting home *sorry dad, but you no longer wear it*

I brought a pair of earnest sewn boyfriend jeans, and took a belt and tied it to give it a paper bag top. 

Then i grabbed my ruby red lace ups to add that splash of fun color so the outfit would not look so heavy. 

Where is my boyfriend? you asks, well don't you see.. darling i am wearing HIM! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Is it just me? or sometime when you put on a outfit that you think is bad ass, you get an attitude for no reason at all... well this is what this outfit dose for me lol. 

This is my vintage leather blazer. The t-shirt is juciy couture *shhh please don't tell anyone* 

I wore my favorite white D & G jeans, although i love the jeans i hate that big  sign on my ass! 

The kenneth cole combat boot's totally give the jeans a rocker's feel. 

I'm just to cooolllll for school YO!  *sike i kid, i kid*

Hillbillie Prom

*The grandpa was the best dressed member in this family*

I found this shirt at one of my favorite thrift shops *rag stock*. When i put it on it kinda reminded me of the Bevery Hills Hillbillie's so i took the thought and ran with it. 

Now we all know that the grandpa was my favorite, so i pulled out my old trucker's to help give me that modern day hillbillie feel. 

The ruffles on this shirt is soooo tacky that it crosses over to cool!

Vola! you now have the first black member of the beverly Hillbilies! i think i will call myself "baby brother london!"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Let's Play house

So your boy have a addiction to designer labels, Therefore i have to work everyday to pay for them.  This is my working man look. 

I picked up the red glasses at urban outfitters. 

To give me that "Take me serious look"  i wear my Bands of outsiders tie.

The shirt is just a plaid black and white combo worn under my helmut lang blazer. 

And we can not forget my baby! this is my everyday bag the famous Balenciaga weekender! 

Now how can i help you? 

Purple Haze

People tell me i look like jimi Hendrix... So this look is a tribute to the man himself. This is how i feel a jimi would dress if he was alive today. 

This jacket *that all of my internet fashion fans love* is from Rag stock. 

The Knee High Mocs are from the one and only Minnatonka. 

Ready or not here i come.... p.s the shorts are ripped levi's 


Sometime you just have to say "Fuck It"

and throw on your lazy out fit. it's comfy and chill, this is a look that screams natural/cute

I wore my ksubi tank..

paired with my ripped vintage levi's

Now excuse me as i roll over and go back to bed! 

Follow the satin brick road

Fuck the ruby red slippers *ok... i do own a pair* Today its about the sliver lace ups! It's also about my white sheer shirt... ooo sexy! 

Right now these are my favorite shoes. They are John Flutog *i think thats how you spell it, if not Opps*

I swear these shoes are magical. 

The blazer is from a vintage shop *only $4* it has a old YSL feeling to it! 
The pants are corpus drop crotch pants, i am so in love with them! 

No i am off to see the fashion wizard... 

Friday, June 19, 2009

Did i say i was with the band? I mean i am the BAND!

All of my friends know, i am in love with everything that is Balmain now. 

Now i have been looking for a chanel like sequin blazer for sometime so when i found this one at a vintage shop i knew it was fate. *its not chanel tho* 

but when i tried it on, it felt more like Balmain

I don't know how  my "Chanel like blazer" gave me a "Balmain like feel" but what ever "IT" was it Transformed me

I became some type of fashion rock god in this jacket.

I always wear it with this black scarf i made. 

I love how my EVER T-shirt looks under it.

I found some light washed ripped jeans...

Then stuck some nails and screws in my shoes 

Now i am a walking "Chanel/Balmain like" model.