Friday, June 19, 2009

Did i say i was with the band? I mean i am the BAND!

All of my friends know, i am in love with everything that is Balmain now. 

Now i have been looking for a chanel like sequin blazer for sometime so when i found this one at a vintage shop i knew it was fate. *its not chanel tho* 

but when i tried it on, it felt more like Balmain

I don't know how  my "Chanel like blazer" gave me a "Balmain like feel" but what ever "IT" was it Transformed me

I became some type of fashion rock god in this jacket.

I always wear it with this black scarf i made. 

I love how my EVER T-shirt looks under it.

I found some light washed ripped jeans...

Then stuck some nails and screws in my shoes 

Now i am a walking "Chanel/Balmain like" model. 


  1. and ur shoes with the nails, beckon Louboutin for Rodarte...tres chic and unconventional too

  2. thank you love, and i am so glad you hit it on the head. Rodarte is what inspired the shoes! =)