Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Cool Nerd....

Today i woke up thinking... "what would a cool nerd look like?" 

So i put my white sweater over my black darryl K wrap cardigan.

To add a Punk touch (we all know i have to have my rock star twist on most things lol!) i added my favorite pins and my alexander McQueen skull scarf. 

I am also into shoe jewelry now so i wrapped some random chains around my boot. 

You got to admit you have never seen a nerd look this cool! lol now i am off to study the old rules of fashion. 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hello Lover....

So i was on checking up on the fashion shows for fall 09 and not to my surprise i found something in the alexander wang collection that made my heart stop. Now remember you seen it second here! This jacked made of some type of fur looks just amazing. If and when i get my hands on it, I plan on rocking it with everything from my ripped sweater to my studded shirt to my black leather leggings.. *wow that was a mouth full*  Guys please pray i get my hands on this. Santa still has not giving me the Chanel Blazer i want and still love so dearly. =( 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

D.I.Y Givenchy *london's twist*

Ok well during  daily viewing of my some of my favorite fashion bloggers i came across rich hippie.

She came up with this idea of studding her own shirt.  Just like the Givenchy one above, so i thought to myself. "What the hell i can do that too" and six hours later..

I had my very own Givenchy shirt made just for ME! 

I wanted to make it a little bit more masculine so i used spikes instead of the square suds. This way it gives the shirt a little pull. I am madly in love with my creation and this is my second D.I.Y project since i started my blog!  so far 6 people have asks me to make them my version of the shirt! 

I wrapped my Alex McQueen Scarf so the rose in the queens hand would show. 

ME and my new couture shirt is off to go get drunk! 


So i woke up this morning with the movie CLOCKWORK ORANGE  in my brain..

The strange thing is i have never seen the movie but i had to admit my look gives off a weird Clockwork vibe.

I just wore a ripped sweater i made and my stacked chains with my rag and bone blazer! 

Get into the boots with the black skinny jeans, if you don't own a pair of black skinny jeans wake up! they really can save your life! 

The Dirty t-shirt * I love Morrissey* =)

Today i found my old Morrissey t-shirt that i had lost under my bed. 

When i pulled it from underneath  it was dirty! this made me sad. =( I thunk to myself "what The hell i am going to wear it anyway" so i put it on and..

*IT* looked better *DIRTY* then it do when it's clean!

So to go with the feel of my "MUCH" loved t-shit i paired it with my ripped shorts and black leggings. 

This also gave me the chance to wear my New H&M Necklace, I then put my Marc Jacobs leather jacket over it and like that i was a Dirty Fashionable rockstar! 

Now i am off to get some coffee and to catch up with my long lost friend, Just so you guys can know... yeah it was kinda dirty but it didn't stink i promise. LOL

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fashion + Me = Kids?

I thought fashion was always honest with me. So i am wonder why didn't i know that fashion had two of my kids. We have been loving each other for so long that this was bound to happen. There is no doubt that these adorable little ones are baby londettes