Sunday, February 15, 2009

D.I.Y Givenchy *london's twist*

Ok well during  daily viewing of my some of my favorite fashion bloggers i came across rich hippie.

She came up with this idea of studding her own shirt.  Just like the Givenchy one above, so i thought to myself. "What the hell i can do that too" and six hours later..

I had my very own Givenchy shirt made just for ME! 

I wanted to make it a little bit more masculine so i used spikes instead of the square suds. This way it gives the shirt a little pull. I am madly in love with my creation and this is my second D.I.Y project since i started my blog!  so far 6 people have asks me to make them my version of the shirt! 

I wrapped my Alex McQueen Scarf so the rose in the queens hand would show. 

ME and my new couture shirt is off to go get drunk! 

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