Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Dirty t-shirt * I love Morrissey* =)

Today i found my old Morrissey t-shirt that i had lost under my bed. 

When i pulled it from underneath  it was dirty! this made me sad. =( I thunk to myself "what The hell i am going to wear it anyway" so i put it on and..

*IT* looked better *DIRTY* then it do when it's clean!

So to go with the feel of my "MUCH" loved t-shit i paired it with my ripped shorts and black leggings. 

This also gave me the chance to wear my New H&M Necklace, I then put my Marc Jacobs leather jacket over it and like that i was a Dirty Fashionable rockstar! 

Now i am off to get some coffee and to catch up with my long lost friend, Just so you guys can know... yeah it was kinda dirty but it didn't stink i promise. LOL

1 comment:

  1. Now i want the printed design of Angry Bird in t-shirts.Because i like the face reaction of that bird.Its really funny.

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