Thursday, December 25, 2008

Long live the POLADROID

So during my daily reading of my favorite fashion blogs, i learned from my new found blog buddy Swank Heights about Poladroid  new fake cam! umm it's pretty cool go check it out! 

Now i am off to play with this thing all day! merry christmas this is my gift to you! 

accessory |akˈses(ə)rē| (also accessary)

*snake ring*  *skull ring*

lucky brand charm bracelet, metal bead bracelet, brass thin cuff,  rubber bracelets wooden beaded bracelet,  mix metal and string bracelet. * wow i have a lot of bracelets! lol

The Shredded t-shirt * the guy version*

So I did it!

It Took five hours

But i did as childhood flames suggested, I shredded a t-shirt.

Now I am a official blogger *YAY*! I think this is the initiation process for all fashion bloggers. I mean to sit on your ass for five fucking hours how could it not be? 

Ready or Not here i come.... * now i have to shred a black one! 

Monday, December 22, 2008

Meet the Holiday Blazer....


So when the Fall 08 fashion shows rolled, around i spotted this piece on the Comme des Garcons runway. At the very moment i knew...

That the jacket had to be mines....

Get into my cut out ruffle line lips.. 

I love my ruby red shoes paired with it! 

Last night i wore a black button down with a fancy t-shirt. Today i paired it with my plaid button down. 

P.S This is not from H&M...  It's fresh off the runway!


Friday, December 19, 2008

All i want for Christmas....

Dear santa, i have been a good boy all year... pretty please with sugar on top! Can you Deliver me this Chanel Sequins blazer on the 25th of this month? This is all i want. Thanks 
love london. 

Thursday, December 18, 2008


My name is london, but you can call me Mr. jackson if you're nasty.

Stick it to me baby... *pins i have collected over time*

Bring out my inner best *fur like vest* 


Do the glasses make me look smart?

But baby its cold outside...

This is a over sized Blazer my friend painted for me! I love having artists for buds! Thanks sarah! 

My New Alexander McQueen scarf gives me life! its titled "God save the Queen"

Are we not in love with my home made clutch, made from a rice bag? no?

Theses old Kenneth Cole boots was made for walking.. ( believe me they have walked all over chicago) 

Meet... Alexander... Wang that is...

This is my favorite look from Fall 08 Alexander Wang.

Driving gloves, fur like vest, black button down and you're set!

My Jerome Dreyfuss bag holds many secrets.....

I said... the password is fiorentini & Baker Boots.. now show me yours...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My first post! drunk and don't know what to say!

WOW, I am really starting this blog! ummm so i guess this is just going to be about me being narcissistic and fashion so let the blogging begain!