Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do the glasses make me look smart?

But baby its cold outside...

This is a over sized Blazer my friend painted for me! I love having artists for buds! Thanks sarah! 

My New Alexander McQueen scarf gives me life! its titled "God save the Queen"

Are we not in love with my home made clutch, made from a rice bag? no?

Theses old Kenneth Cole boots was made for walking.. ( believe me they have walked all over chicago) 


  1. You've got style thats what all the girls say Satin sheets and luxuries so fine All his suits were custom made in Londonnnnnnnnnnnnn

  2. Impeccable style palette! Not over saturated.

  3. I want those glasses..I can't wait for this summer to revamp my style

  4. HEY!! I totally forgot about that blazer. I'm glad you're wearing it!

  5. God save the Queen!!! yeahhh!!! (rock)