Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just me and my boyfriend

So as you all know, there is a huge boyfriend epidemic that is going on. Everyone is still crazy about the boyfriend jeans, cardigan's and shirts * including me* 

What i love about the boyfriend look is, it's easy but yet stylish at the same time. 

For my BF look i use one of my favorite scarfs ...

My smily face Philip Lim 3.1 T-shirt paired with my vintage tan blazer, i took from my dads closet when visiting home *sorry dad, but you no longer wear it*

I brought a pair of earnest sewn boyfriend jeans, and took a belt and tied it to give it a paper bag top. 

Then i grabbed my ruby red lace ups to add that splash of fun color so the outfit would not look so heavy. 

Where is my boyfriend? you asks, well don't you see.. darling i am wearing HIM! 


  1. lol! love the look. don't think i could pull it off as well as you tho :)

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  3. Omg I want that Phillip Lim t-shirt with the smiley face. Hand it over immediately! :)