Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ann Demeulemeester *the great*

It should be a no brainer that just like everyone else i love Ann Demeulemeester. So when i found the suede leggings *in pic above*...

I became so over come with joy that i almost had a heart attack.

The Ann demeuleeester legging are suede and jersey, they fit me like a dream and go with everything thats in my closet.

I paired the leggings with a blazer and a t-shirt for urban outfitters.

The blazer is from H&M and i stuck my heart dee and rickey lego pin to it, which add a little umph.

As far as the feet goes, i wrapped chains around my vintage black boots to add a rockstar effect.

In the famous words of Miranda Priestly "that's all"

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