Saturday, January 31, 2009


So i woke up today thinking about my grandpa willie and how as a child he was my hero.

At that time i did not know he was a style icon to me as well....

When he use to sit me down and tell me stories, he always wore his favorite smoking sweater. 

I wanted to take the idea of a old man with wise tells, and make it modern. 

So i took my very own vintage grandpa smoking sweater and put a little london twist on it! 

I made sure I didn't look to old by paring it with my cheetah YSL scarf and my rings. This way i still have the feel of a old man but a youthful look. 

I wore my flower print Dsquard shirt to pop the brown in the sweater. 

I wore my joper riding pants to balance out the heavy layered look that i had going on up top. My Balencaiga * i will spell check later* messenger help to make it look chic with the jcrew rain boots 

The patch work on this puppies is  what made me fall head over hills for them. 

Grandpa willie thanks for being the best grandpa a boy could every want. You have taught me how to not only be funny, charming , smart,  respectful, honest ect.. You also taught me how to dress.   I will forever love you for that. 


  1. I was tempted to buy a shawl neck cardigan similar to that one

  2. Hi , what 's the jod's brand?