Thursday, January 29, 2009

Modern Victorian

So my friend Tina came over with this fur like shrug  poncho.

When she pulled it out the bag, she said it was to ugly to sell and she did not know what to do with it. She told me i could have it. 

To ugly for most to desire? of course i fell in love with it!  

I snatch the little poncho up and ran to my dressing room and paired it with my favorite Helmut Lang Blazer. 

The outfit came together so easily, It was like this poncho was made for me and only me! 

We realized that the outfit was missing something so we grabbed one of my alexander McQueen scarfs. 

Tina had this hermes Scarf tying book, so she tied my precious alex into a Napoleon knot! as soon as she was done We knew that this was the fix that my look needed. 

I am so so in love with my new addition to my closest. 

I wore my fiorentini and baker boots, black pants like leggings and tux shirt with it.  

This outfit is what dreams are made of. 

Now i am off to some Victorian Ball. 


  1. This outfit gave me everything I needed. You have to style a shoot for me.

  2. The fur shrug look is poppin' it kind reminds me of Prada from Fall 07' when she put out those furry sweaters.